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Elegant 70 by Sydstall

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Filling material

One of our box fronts with swing door.

  • Front walls with swing door.
  • Night lock by default
  • Select to extra height
  • Luxurious options for horizontal planks, integrated cabinets, integrated hay hedges, decorations and other accessories on request
  • Grid tube of 26.9 mm diameter
  • All parts of steel hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461, possibly also powder-coated as desired
  • Customized measurements on request.

Default size

Height 2200mm

Height of filling 1300mm

Door opening 130cm

Grille 26.9mm in diameter

Square profiles 50x50x3mm

Round posts about 101mm in diameter.

U-profiles 50x50x50x3mm / 40x40x40x3mm depending on filling material.