About us

Sydstall is a family business in southern Sweden, everything started as a fun thing and side business. Over the years, it has developed into a company with high ambitions and customers in several European countries.

We are passionate about the product and always try to develop it into something better, we do not compromise on anything. What characterizes our product is, among other things.

  • 100% Swedish made
  • Robust construction
  • Crafts, our welders are proud professionals and leave nothing to chance. Everything is welded by hand.
  • Fully welded constructions (read more)
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Unique customizations thanks to our own designers with many years of experience.

Over the years, we have encountered several tough business times, but what has always remained is the quality of the product.

Stable furnishings

In our range of stable furnishings, we offer our customers a large selection of standard models, we also customize the boxes and manufacture them according to the customer's wishes. In collaboration with the customer, our designers develop something that suits your needs. Our fronts are delivered with either sliding doors or swing doors. The different box models we offer enable optimal horse posture. We manufacture a wide range of Exclusive stable boxes. This "Elegant by sydstall" range gives the opportunity to achieve your dream stable. Various offers of extra options such as e.g. spinning feeding troughs for the box fronts.

- Luxurious options in the form of arched gratings, decorative planks in hardwood, integrated cabinets, integrated hay hedges, decorations, V-openings and other accessories on request

- Fixed, pivoting and movable box walls

- Grille pipes of 26.9 mm diameter, distance:

- All parts of steel hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461, possibly also powder coated as desired .