What dimensions apply in horse stables?

There are many things to keep in mind when planning a new stable, which is why we have gathered some of the Swedish Board of Agriculture's rules and recommendations on one page. There are of course many more aspects and dimensions to consider when planning your new stable.Some of these we will highlight in separate posts so keep an eye out!

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Box space per horse

Height (cm) Boxen area (square meters) Shortest Page (m)
under 85cm 3.0 1.5
86-107cm 4.0 1.6
108-130cm 5.0 1.9
131-140cm 6.0 2.1
141-148cm 7.0 2.2
149-160cm 8.0 2.35
161-170cm 9.0 2.5
Over 170cm 10.0 2.7

Box space mare with foal

Height (cm) Boxen area (square meters) Shortest Page (m)
Under 85cm 3.5 1.6
86-107cm 4.5 1.9
108-130cm 6.5 2,3
131-140cm 7.5 2.5
141-148cm 8.5 2.6
149-160cm 10.0 2.8
160-170cm 11.0 3.0
over 170cm 13.0 3.2

Ceiling height

Ceiling height = the horse's height at the withers multiplied by 1.5

Read examples below

Height (cm) Minimum approved ceiling height
150cm 225cm
170cm 255cm